“Designed to combine comfort and style.”

OTG Heels™ is driven by a young female who enjoys wearing stylish heels, but doesn’t like the suffering that often comes with it. When she first came up with the patent pending technology for these shoes, two things were paramount: comfort and style. Yes, other ‘comfort’ shoes were available, but these were often bulky and somewhat less than fashionable. Surely it didn’t have to be that way.

We use a low‐density EVA foam that is easily mouldable, hardwearing and abrasion resistant, to create first‐class comfort for your entire foot.

With your Off The Ground Heels™ on you will feel exactly that - Off The Ground! They will alleviate that hardwearing feeling and simply lift you off the ground, allowing you to walk in comfort -­‐ in your heels -­‐ all day long.

OTG Heels™ aren’t just incredibly comfortable on the soles of your feet, but also reduce those unbearable friction sores (ie. blisters) by cuddling your feet from the moment you wear them.

"The shoes are GREAT! I wore them all day on a client site and had no problems at all!" - Sally

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